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06 Nov '15

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review Won't Answer These 27 Questions

Posted by TeamDIG .com

Questions: 27
Updated: June 3, 2015

1. Who else thinks this is overpriced? I use an 8" neoprene telephoto camera lens case, commonly found online for $5 to $7. Works great. Can't find any Bose SoundLink Mini review that mention this.

1 owner response

  • Yup....this is waaaayyyyyy too much. should cost no more than $15 imo

2. I ordered on 12/2/13 and haven't received a notification that this has been shipped. I need before 12/18/13 so please advise of shipping date.

1 owner response

  • You should have been more clear. We understood that you needed the item before 12/18/14. Hope this helps:(

3. Will the speaker fit in the bag with the speaker cover on ?

1 owner response

  • Yes, the SoundLink Mini will fit in the travel bag with the soft cover on. Thank you.

4. I always use mine with my iPod and iCloud. Will the outside pocket, which is designed to hold the charging cord, accommodate an iPod instead?

1 owner response

  • There are many different model iPods. Can you tell us exactly which model iPod you have, that you would like to put In the outside pocket?

5. None of the Bose SoundLink Mini review answer my question: Will the case hold the mini with the soft cover on?

1 owner response

  • No it will not. The cover when taken off can fit I believe in the side pocket or next to speaker in the case (but not on the speaker).

6. Does this work well with a kindle fire?

1 owner response

  • If there is Bluetooth connection, should work. Mine works with iPhone . Beautiful sound !

7. Is there a travel bag for the charging station?

1 owner response

  • Havent seen one but I think the dock station doesnt go with the "travel" idea.

8. Does anybody know what goes on the leather peice that the neon cord is attached to is used for? it looks like a belt type loop of some sort?

2 owner responses

  • There are 2 loops on the travel bag. The elasticized one allow the top of the bag to close and the larger loop is really just used to carry the bag or give someone the ability to clip the bag to something else.
  • Thank you for the inquiry, Javier. The leather piece allows you to pull down the cord over the area where it secures the cover closed. It is sort of like a zipper on your coat and allows it to close easily.

9. Can you play/hear music on the speaker while its in the bag Not in any Bose SoundLink Mini review.

2 owner responses

  • I have not personally tried to do this but would have to assume that it should work. Bluetooth communication is essentially radio waves which should penetrate the bag if the device is turned on. The sound may be muffled somewhat depending on the volume settings. Again, the bag is not a good buy due to its size. A better alternative is a properly si
  • Not very well.

10. Will the front pouch hold the AC adapter and the AUS travel adapter (I got mine in AUS and they threw in an AUS travel adapter in the box)?

2 owner responses

  • Depend how big is the adapter, if similar to europe size it will fit
  • Only have the AC adapter, so I don't know if both can fit.

11. Does this have a micro usb connection for the charger?

2 owner responses

  • This is a travel case that fits the Bose Soundlink Mini, with the attached base and a small front pocket for the small 110v brick charger. There is no hole for a wired connection through this case. There is no mini USB connection for this device. If the top closure flap were left open the 110v brick charger could be plugged in to either the base or the device. The 110v charger has a straight mini female plug that is 1.5" long. The case flap would have to be left open if connected for charging in either the base or the device. A 90 degree headphone patch cord could be used to hard connect to a non bluetooth music player while in the case but why? The audio wwould be subdued.
  • No -- it is a round connection like a pedal. But the speaker comes with the charger (a flat holder for the speaker to rest in while charging) and the adapter to plug the holder into power.


3 owner responses

  • No it will not fit. It's spec's are cut for the Mini. However if you purchase a gel protection sleeve for the Mini, it will fit. Hope this helps.
  • No it will not, it fits only the SoundLink mini.
  • No it will not fit

13. Bose SoundLink Mini review haven't helped. Can you listen to music while it's in the case without losing sound quality?

4 owner responses

  • You should be able to listen to music while the speaker is in the case. Though, you would still have remove it to turn it on (at least partially). I think you might lose some clarity at lower volume even though the sides of the case next to the speaker are a thin stretch material. However, I believe it might be negligible at most volume levels.
  • Not really meant for listening while in the case. This case is meant more for protection while traveling or when not in use. There is another soft sided case (with trim in different colors) that can be used without losing sound quality.
  • To maintain sound quality, you must remove the SoundLink Mini from the case while listening.... The case I recommended will protect it when you're not using it. Thanks....
  • No, would muffle the sound

14. Is the outside pouch long enough to fit an iPhone 5C ?

4 owner responses

  • Yes, it could. Of course, only one item at a time.
  • No, it is not. It just fits the charger cord
  • It appears that it could.
  • Yes

15. Is this case semi-waterproof (not dropping it in a pool or anything, just if it is exposed to moisture)?

4 owner responses

  • The material on the outside of the case is very durable, and I think that if he case was exposed to say rain and not submerged the speaker inside will be fine. Additionally, I like the fact that I can put the Bose Mini Soundlink speaker and the charging base in the large pocket and the charging cord in the front pocket to make a very compact carrying situation that fits in my coat pocket or suitcase.
  • It's definitely not water proof, but yes, it will suffice if running from your office to the car while raining...pretty much any case will protect your device in that way. If you drop it into a puddle during said rain, that's another story.
  • No. The case is not waterproof. This case is simply a protective carrying case for traveling or storing the SoundLink Mini when not in use.
  • No I would not put into water

16. If I get the silicone cover, will it allow room to comfortably fit in the carrying case too?

4 owner responses

  • The case is a snug fit for the sound link. If the silicon cover is thicker than let's say a couple sheets of paper I'm not sure it would work.
  • It Should, I Have the Leather Red Cover & it Fits Fine, Don't really Know about the Cover Youyr talking about.
  • It fits perfect. Like a Glove!!! Im really happy with my purchase. Great to travel.
  • Yes, I use both with no problem getting it and out of the case.

17. How long will it hold a charge while stored unused? Read tons of Bose SoundLink Mini review with no luck.

4 owner responses

  • I've left the soundlink at work over a week without re-charging and it still worked without running out of battery power. I haven't figured out how much time it would take to run out of battery as of yet as I usually take back and forth and re-charge at home. I also use in the car on the way to and from work at times. I would agree with another customer that it holds a charge for a long time and I work a 10 hour day.
  • It holds a charge a long time. I used it the 19th of April and I took it out on the 17th of May and it still had a charge. I used it for a couple of hours and didn't run out of battery. It doesn't take all that long to charge either.
  • Seems to last well but have not measured it I use it when I travel and set it up on it's charger when I arrive at my hotel. Great sound!!
  • I have not yet put it to a long test but it lasted two days for me so far

18. Do it use a usb

4 owner responses

  • I don't believe so. It all hooks up via bluetooth (wirelessly) to your device to amplify your music. Only cord involved in the electrical cord to charge the base charging pad.
  • The speaker is Bluetooth or you can use a 3.5mm male audio cable. I hope that helps.
  • No, only bluetooth wireless and an "aux in" socket.
  • No

19. Does the case hold only the wall charger/cord and NOT the charger base?

4 owner responses

  • As far as I know, the case only allows space for the charger/cord. You could probably squeeze in the base beside the speaker, but it would be very tight. I have a question as well: I lost my instructions almost as soon as I purchased this fabulous speaker, so I don't even know what the base is used for. Can you please tell me? thanks
  • The case holds the charger base with the unit sitting on it as it does when it is charging-- you have to have the unit on the base and then slide it into the large part of the case. The wall charger, along with the cord, fits in the front pocket. It has a snug fit that's perfect for travel as nothing slides around. I love mine!
  • It will hold the base as well. Its a bit of a tight squeeze but the material is flexible enough
  • Yes it does not accommodate the base charger plate

20. Will this case also hold the power converter and it cord ?

5 owner responses

  • Yup. It folds flat and can either plug into the side of the speaker or into the charging base (included.) The base, however, will NOT fit into the travel bag.
  • Yes, the charger fits the front pocket, little bit tight but does the job pretty well. The best case you will find. Cheers,
  • Yes it does. The front flap on the picture holds that. It fits snug, Velcro keeps it closed.
  • The power cord.. yes but not the docking base
  • Yes but not the docking station

21. Help. Bose SoundLink Mini Review aren't telling me this. Why does the charger not fit in the case

5 owner responses

  • The AC charger/cord can fit in the outside pocket. It's the docking station that won't fit in the case, you don't need the docking station to charge the speaker. Because of this maybe Bose figured to be more portable and smaller, the case was made this way... I'm just guessing.
  • The charger will fit in the Velcro pocket but the base will not fit in the main compartment with the speaker. You can still charge the speaker without the base.
  • You sit the speaker in it's docking unit, place in larger pocket, then the small charger with attached cable goes into the small front pocket.
  • There is a small portable charger that you purchase separately that fits perfectly so that the case can stay small for travel.
  • The charger and speaker fits in the main body of the case fine. Your case may need to be stretched a little but it will fit.

22. Dumb question... but is this worth buying?

5 owner responses

  • Depends on what you do with the speaker. If the speaker just sits around the house, no, don't buy it. And if you have another really nice bag with proper space in it to carry the Bose speaker safely -- don't buy it. BUT, if (like me) you must sometimes carry the speaker around without another good bag and want to protect it, but the case. Glad I spent the money.
  • If you want a sleek case that is made specifically for the speaker I would say yes. If you could care less about appearances and won't be traveling with it much I would say no. I bought it and have not regretted it.
  • My friend at work was able to stitch back together the bungee strap... the short answer is yes it is worth it.
  • Yes, nice mini speakers
  • Yes

23. The photo looks like the speaker isn't fully covered! Is the photo just not showing the speaker pushed into the case all the way?

6 owner responses

  • The picture is showing the speaker half inside the carry case without a cover. If you want it to be covered you would have to purchase a cover as I did for about $40. Does not need a cover to work. I purchased a cover since I use the speaker at my work on my desk and thought the cover would be a good idea and keep the speaker safe.
  • The speaker fits all the way in. I have the plastic cover around my speaker also and it fits without taking it off. Charger / cord fit in the small front pocket. This case reminds me i have the speaker with me at a party or outing..
  • Yes, because the speaker does fit all the way in the case. It even fits in the case with a soft cover on the speaker.
  • Yes that's true. The photo is of the speaker partly in its case.
  • It covers the speaker fully. It is a great cover.
  • Yup

24. Is it thick enough to cushion it if it bangs into something while carrying it, or is it purely for transport purposes?

6 owner responses

  • I use this travel case to pack the SoundLink Mini inside my suitcase. I provides outstanding protection against scratches and dents while I travel. I would agree with a previous answer that it's a tight fitting soft case, so direct impacts from pointed objects might dent the SoundLink.
  • I am sorry I cannot tell you anything about this item. I brought it as a Christmas gift and never give it a close look. From what I remember it would protect from small bumps and scratches but I doubt it would protect from a fall to the floor or pavement.
  • It has hard sides on front, back, top and bottom. The sides are stretchy, however, so if something were to jab it, it could cause some damage. But the protection is very good for a close-fitting case.
  • The sides are soft so you can hear thru if you want to use it in the case. I take it everywhere and have not had any trouble at all. I just throw it in my big purse and go.
  • It is primarily for transport but does provide protection from minor bumps during travel. It is not a cushioned carrying case like some computer or tablet cases.
  • There is some cushioning qualities to the case.

25. Hi how are u, the price $44.95 ; is it for bose soundlink mini bluetooth speaker or the travel bag Can't find any Bose SoundLink Mini review that mention this.

7 owner responses

  • That is the price for just the travel bag. The speaker is $200. However, if you are sensitive to the petroleum-like chemical smell on many products these days, be aware that these travel cases smell very strongly of petroleum. I bought one from Amazon that I had to return. I then checked the cases at Best Buy and they smelled the same. I bought something different to carry my speaker in.
  • This price is displayed for only the travel bag. As I had posted before, the problem with this "travel bag" is that it can't travel with the speaker and the charging cradle packed together. If you don't buy a separate AC charger, you will have to carry the cradle and speaker separately. Just buy a much cheaper camera accessory bag which will carry both.
  • The $44.95 is the cost of the travel bag only. The normal cost of the speaker is $199.99. The speaker is worth the money, the travel bag is a bit too expensive in my opinion.
  • Oh, definitely the travel bag ONLY! There is no way you will be able to purchase the Bose Soundlink speaker system for $44.95. But the travel bag is very nice for the price.
  • Hi The price you stated is for the travel bag.
  • The price $44.95 is for the travel bag.
  • Travel case only.

26. It sounds like this case does not fit the speaker if it has a soft cover on, is there another recommended travel case that is larger that will fit?

8 owner responses

  • The other problem with this Bose case is it smells very strongly of a gasoline-like smell. I had to return mine because of the smell. I bought a Lowepro Format 110 camera case. It fits the speaker with a soft cover on, and there's room to put the base, and a zipper section on the outside of the lid where you can put the charge cord. It's bigger than the Bose travel case because it's padded, but it's also better protection and has a carry strap. It's almost a perfect fit for the speaker.
  • It fits fine with the smart cover. There is not need to worry about stressing the seams or anything like that -- the sides are a stretchy material. You can also place it in with the Smart Cover AND the base (just put the unit on the base first, then slide it in.) No problem. Also, the AC adapter fits just fine in the external pocket. I personally don't travel with the base, since the AC adapter can plug directly into the unit, but it all fits if you want it to.
  • Since I don't own the cover, I don't know for sure.....but I did a little research for you and found this out. Hope it helps. Merry Xmas! Does the soft cover fit in the travel bag? YES IT DOES!! I just got off the phone with Bose Support, and they assured me that the speaker in the soft cover will fit in the travel bag!!
  • It's very snog. You can put the main unit in just right, and close the flap using the elastic band, but can't add the base. I'm not quite sure what kind of soft cover you meant, but probably not. I didn't see any other recommended traveling cases.
  • I have not used anything other than this case. I love the fit of this case and I like the use of the speaker without covers when not in the case.
  • It fits perfectly with the soft cover on; I have them both and they are just what you need to take the speaker with you and to manipulate it
  • This case easily fits the speaker with a soft cover. I have the orange soft cover.
  • It fits fine, I have all three products and they work well together.

27. Please help: will the speaker unit WITH the soft cover On fit in this travel bag? what about the charger base?

8 owner responses

  • Excellent question. I have the green soft cover and it fits into the case without issue. The charger base itself doesn't fit, but you can just take the charger cord with you as it plugs into the Bose SoundLink and it fits perfectly in the outer pocket of the travel bag.
  • The speaker fits in the bag and can be played in the bag, the side panels are a fabric. The charger does fit and there is a pocket on the outside that you can put an ipod or mp3 player in along with the cord to hook it to the speaker
  • It fits fine; leave base on speaker & slide on case; the case sides are streatchable so it expands to fit; charger cord fits in front pocket. I have no problem getting speaker out to use.
  • Unlikely as it is a tight fit without it (if you include the charger base) . The charger plug does fit into the pocket but again it's a tight fit even after folding the plug points in.
  • I couldn't get the soft cover and charger into the travel case. I probably could have wedged it in but it would have been tough getting out.
  • It fits with the cover fine. But its to tight to get in and out with the charger base.
  • I am not able to given an answer to your question- I donot have a soft cover
  • I doubt it, maybe find a store with a demo and try it?

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