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A T-fal E93808 Professional Total Nonstick Review Won't Answer These 147 Questions - Part 1 of 5


★★★★★ A T-fal E93808 Professional Total Nonstick review will not answer these 20 questions. Get the truth from people who own a T-fal E93808 Professional Total Nonstick, including the fact that it won't...

This report about the T-fal E93808 Professional Total Nonstick answers these questions

• Can anyone recommend a pan that doesn't have a hump in the center?
• Is there anything to fix the middle of the pan that so many reviewers complained concerning the pan?
• How durable is the coating of this pan? I've owned other nonstick pans and they've lost their nonstick ability after several years of regular use.
• Will a magnet stick to the bottom of this pan? It's to verify if it works with induction or not.
• Are these pans PTFE & PFOA free?
• Lid
• Does anyone know if there is a glass lid that will fit this pan and the other professional series pans?
• I ordered this pan in 10" size and love it only wish it was a little deeper. Can you recommend another pan?
• What is the best lid to buy for this frypan?
• Can I fry eggs without greese
• Is the t fall cookware have non stick pans that were found to cause health problems? might have been cancer causing?? anyone know? thanks.
• Can cooking sprays or PAM be used?
• 2+ year owners.. How's the durability? Is the nonstick coating intact/working?
• Lid
• PFOA free?
• Does this pan have a flat bottom for glass top stove tops? if so, does it stay flat with use?
• Is this frypan supposed to be raised in the middle? Mine is and any liquid added runs to the edges.
• In what country is this made?
• Is the pan truly not flat as many contend?
• What is the weight of the 8-inch pan?

The other answers here are incorrect. It's not concave. It's convex - the hump in the middle comes UP. The result is that any runny foods -- eggs, pancake batter, oils -- run immediately to the edge of the pan, creating a circle around the outer edge. To me, this makes the pan absolutely worthless. Why would they make a pan nonstick, which means you don't need much oil, and then also design it as if the only point is to move oil away from the center? It makes it impossible to cook runny foods in an attractive way, which are the very foods you most need a nonstick pan for. I'm sending mine back but if this convex hump feature appeals to you, this is a good pan for you.
I just purchased a Calphalon one - admittedly more expensive - but it's heavy (which is good for heat conductivity) and works like a charm. I think if you only need one, get a 12-inch one, which oddly enough, feels like it's the same size to this one.
I'm about to buy an Ecolution Evolve 12.5 inch "grande" pan. I have their smaller pan with no hump in the middle, and I wholeheartedly agree with you on the slight hump, very very frustrating to try to saute in butter or make pancakes or have eggs not slide to the outside edge. This was recommended by America's Test Kitchen, but I can't recommend it (and don't in my review).
Thanks for posting this question. I've used & liked T-Fal frying pans for a while, which have always been perfectly flat. The one at my mom's house, however, has that hump in the center, which drives me insane! The hump makes it IMPOSSIBLE to actually saute or fry something in oil or ghee. I thought the pan was warped, so was looking for a replacement. If I bought this one, I would have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire!!! I see lots of good suggestions posted by others, so I'll be looking into those.
I bought the 12.5" T-fal and it has a slight concave in the middle and is designed that way. Since its non-stick you don't need a lot of cooking oil or grease so it's designed to take the oil/grease to the outer edge of the pan making it more healthful. If you need one that is totally flat and is reasonably non-stick try a good quality castiron skillet. Once its seasoned right its almost a non-stick as a T-fal. Hope this helps.
I got a Swiss Diamond 12" skillet as a gift, and I loved it! It stayed flat and never warped, and the non-stick lasted pretty well. I used it so much I wore it out in 2 1/2 years. I want to buy another, but it's $130 so I'll have to save up.
Yes, the T-fal Ultimate hard anodized 12 inch pan is vastly superior to this model in every way (save one). It is 1/2 inch smaller, but much more durable and FLAT. It's also a couple of bucks less.T-fal E93808. Only downside is, it's not induction compatible. For an extra five bucks they sell it with a lid.
I've used my T-Fal Professional numerous times and really never noticed a hump so maybe yours is a different model, but I love mine so much. I use it more times for more things than I ever imagined I would. Abner's Mother
America's Test Kitchen also recommended the All-Clad non-stick stainless steel tri-ply. All-Clad pan is very well made, but is more expensive.
Search for this pair: "Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Inch and 12-Inch Skillets Twin Pack" They are heavier and more expensive but they are as flat as your stovetop. They make this pan look like "Hello Kitty."

I have seen some people have taken the pan (cool & clean), placed it on their carpeted floor, then stood on it with their heel in the center of the pan (multiple times).
I've had mine for a year now - and haven't run into that problem. I'm not sure that it's that big a deal for the average cook? I love the pan - it's everything I expected and more.
what is the complaint? I haven't had mine long but its been flawless. Absolute pleasure. I need zero oil to prep any cooking, even eggs. And clean up is super simple. Best pan I have ever owned.

It appears to be very durable. I've only had it for about a month now, but what sold me on it was the review I read from America's Test Kitchen. They had tested many nonstick pans of the same size but varying prices. This T-fal pan won hands down, particularly on the durability of the coating. After repeated testing it held up way better than the other six pans that were tested. Best of all, it was one of the least expensive of them all. You can read the results at http://www.americastestkitchen.com/equipment_reviews/1259-nonstick-skillets. Though you have to have an account for America's Test Kitchen, the winner was this T-fal pan.
Not very. After 1 year of use, never using metal spatulas, the pan has had it and I'm buying another. Don't waste your money.
As most pans of this type have a limited life you buy it because it's cheap relative to others and dispose of it after a year or so. Using a very small amount of oil helps prolong the non-stick surface.
I had a previous generation of this pan that was finally just replaced after about five years of typical use (at least four to five times a week). The non-stick properties had declined quite a bit, and there was a small spot where the coating was beginning to wear. Non-stick pans have a fixed life. Regardless of the manufacturer, non-stick coatings will degrade over time, no matter how well made. This is why it's good to purchase a pan like this that is well made, and reasonably cheap. Once it wears out, replace it. If you want a pan that will last a lifetime, get multi-ply stainless cookware with no coating and learn how to cook properly with it. All cookware surfaces have pros and cons. I highly advise against buying a $100 non-stick pan. It will wear out, just like any other, and one could have bought nearly four of these for the same cost.
As others have written, buy a good quality pan that's the size you need and has the features you want. You will get your money's worth from the purchase, and can dispose of the pan at the first sign of a damaged non-stick surface without drams. By the way, some manufacturers instruct that non-stick sprays should not be used on their cookware. Check the information provided with your cookware.
I really only have had this pan for a couple of months so I can't answer your question fully. I believe the pan is not Teflon coated but has some sort of other coating that seems rather harder than Teflon. I am avoiding using metal utensils on it in an effort to make it last longer. Otherwise it is s great cooking pan and I would probably buy another one even if the coating did wear out.

A magnet will stick to the bottom of the pan. However, it does not "jump" to the surface like it does with my cast iron skillets. I cook with open gas flame. I am not familiar with induction cooking. I'm assuming my cast iron cookware would heat faster.
A magnet will stick to the bottom. There is an extra thick steel bottom for heat distribution.
It says on the package that it works with induction. I haven't tried it, but I have been very happy with the weight, construction, easy washability and overall performance of the pan.

They are PFOA free, but PTFE is the end product that forms the non stick surface. There are pans that are free from this chemical, but so far no alternative has even a fraction of the performance of high high quality "regular" Non-stick pain. I mostly use Stainless Steel and only use non stick for the most delicate foods at rather low temperature. i.e. eggs.
the label that came with my pan mentions PTFE--"the main ingredient of the non-stick coating, called PTFE, is inert and will pass directly through the body without being absorbed."
All T-fal non-stick coatings do contain PTFE, but not PFOA. T-fal has this to say: "T-FAL Non-stick Coatings - General Information All T-FAL non-stick coatings contain PTFE, (polytetrafluoroethylene) a remarkable plastic polymer. This is the slippery ingredient that makes the non-stick finish. PTFE is made up of "tetra fluoro ethylene" molecules that contain only carbon and fluorine. The non-stick coating is not attacked by acid or alkali bases and is very stable when heated. Health authorities in the US, Canada, France, Europe and other countries have approved non-stick PTFE coatings for use on cookware. Actually, it is an inert substance which does not enter into chemical reactions with food, water, or household cleaners. If ingested, it is totally innocuous to the body. Non-stick is so safe it is frequently used by the medical profession for coating heart stimulators, small pipes used as replacement arteries, and has even been injected into patients with serious kidney conditions. To cause any possible hazard to the consumer, it would be necessary to heat 36 non-stick frying pans simultaneously to 750° F. Since in a domestic kitchen the maximum temperature possible to which a pan can normally be heated is approximately 575° F, there is no risk should a pan be accidentally overheated." For more on this and also PFOA, go to www.tfal.com, search for "PTFE", and click on "Recipes, non-stick safety."
Yes, these pans are of the latest technology. Read here:http://www.t-falusa.com/Tefal+magazine/Hot+topics/Environmental+Policy/Health+and+the+Environment.htm
don't know but they DO WARP.
Use and care label says it contains PTFE.
Yes! TFal is free from PTFE. (The initials PFOA are incorrect for the chemical abbreviation). But feel free to buy the pans, they are safe. No, they don't warp when heated correctly. But I agree with Robert Thomas's answer

no lid
Hi Mike, The pan I purchased is the T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Saute / Fry Pan with Lid, which is priced at $39.90 on Amazon. The sides are straighter than the fry pan. I find the pan is more useful as the diameter is uniform from top to bottom, this means uniformed cooking if you are cooking more than is in direct contact the pan bottom. The lid is great for both simmering and frying cuts down on stove cleanup.
I use the lids we have from other pots if we need to.
Farberware Cookware Glass Replacement Lid (amazon)
No lid. It's a very small pan. Holds one egg. It's a great "little" pan though.

Sarge- I don't know about glass lids, however the metal lids from Emerilware pans, which turned to crap after 2yrs are a perfect fit.
there is not one for this size pan...but there are other pans that come with glass lids. I have a deeper pan that is 1/2" larger and I use that lid...it does not fit snug but it does the job.
I use the lid from this: "Calphalon 5-qt. Commercial Hard-Anodized Saute Pan" ( Commercial Saute Pan with Lid Size: 5-qt. ). (I'm pretty sure that's the exact one). This lid fits perfectly but I bet it's pretty expensive if you tried to just buy the lid. Also, the calphalon pan was junk cause the coating bubbled off so I mailed it back to Calphalon and they replaced it with this: "Calphalon Unison Nonstick 6-qt. Saute Pan with Cover". This lid does NOT fit the tfal. (I kept the old lid though and it works great.)
I have the 8" omelette size pan, and by sheer concidence, a glass lid from one of my Pyrex casseroles fits. The problem is I can't tell you which casserole as I have several and keep all of the lids in the same drawer. Try taking your pan to a brick and mortar store that sells Pyrex casseroles and look for one that comes with a lid that fits your pan. You might want to check whether you can get the casserole cheaper here on amazon.com before you actually buy. I've found a wide variance in pricing on Pyrex. Or maybe you already have a glass casserole dish with a lid that fits? I NEVER throw away a lid!
The lid that will fit the 12.5" T-Fal Professional pan is the Paderno World Class stainless steel 12.5" lid. It is not glass and not as domed as I would have preferred, but it fits perfectly.
If you're asking about any 12" skillet, there isn't anything that will cover it. Even the 'fit anything' covers are too small. I looked a lot for any kind of lid for my T-Fal Thermo-Spot and even T-Fal said there wasn't anything available
Have the same problem. We use the glass lids that came with several Large frypans we ordered from HSN/Ultrex when Ultrex was in business. They work ok but not perfect. You can still get some parts etc for Ultrex items on eBay but I would be sure to ask the dimensions B4 ordering as many Ultrex lids etc were odd sized. Hope this helps

I also purchased the T-fal 10 inch saute pan E9389774. It is a little more expensive but is deeper and comes with a lid. I love it! Again, for the price it's hard to beat.
T-Fal Sensorielle Deux Nonstick 10" Fry Pan
I don't know how deep you'd like it.I have a medium sized wok with handle that works well on a gas range. None of my coated pans tend to be very deep. If I need one, I go to one of my set from Dehileren in Paris which are standard restraunt fare and flat bottomed or the cast iron skillets.

Cook's rated this pan their #1 but, no lid. They recommend the Poderno SS model #11061-32 but it costs more than the pan. Second choice is half the price, Norpro SS pan cover model #609 but they say it is flimsy. Myself, I invert a dinner plate, seems to work just fine.
Farberware Cookware Glass Replacement Lid (amazon)
My Nordic Ware lid ("Tempered Glass Lid Size: 2.88" H x 12.38" W x 12.38" D") is as close to 12-3/8" as I can measure. It just fits the T-fal pan listed below. "T-fal E93808 Professional Total Nonstick Oven Safe Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan / Saute Pan Dishwasher Safe Cookware, 12.5-Inch, Black" It doesn't sit inside the pan, but it does just perch on the top of the pan rim (just barely sitting on the rim and not inside because the pan's inside diameter at the rim is just a smidge under 12-3/8"). Apparently the T-fal pan is hard to "lid", so I'm satisfied. It was the best I could find and it works.
I purchased the "Universal Glass Quicklids Pot Lid with Cool-touch Knob, Large" specifically for use with this 12.5" T-Fal skillet and I am happy with its performance. The unique concave design of that lid means that it will work equally well with other, smaller pots and pans (i.e. if the lid is too large then any condensation will go back into the pot/pan rather than dripping out onto the stove).
To get a lid that fits both pans, buy T-fal Nonstick Cookware with Glass Lid A9108263, 5-Quart which is a great pan to use for many dishes, including stir-fry and braising recipes (up to 350F in oven).
If you need a model with a lid, I'd recommend buying a different model pan. Example: T-fal E91898 Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Deep Saute Pan Fry Pan with Glass Lid Cookware, 12-Inch, Gray (Which is basically this product, in a different shape, with a lid included)
I had a large cover on a pot that fit good enough. I read the cover that is suggested doesn't work so save your money.
I typically use it without a lid but when I do need one, I use either a wok top or a silicone lid.
I just use a glass lid that I have now. Anything that fits will work.

Yes, i did no problem. But you wont get those yummy brown crispy edges. ♡
I wipe a small amount of oil with paper towel into pan to prepare soft fried eggs. Have not prepared in unoiled pan. Proper heated pan is very important.
I would think you could. I always use a small pat of butter.
Yes, you can fry eggs without grease. Our skillet is only about a month old, as it gets older it may need a little. I purchased this skillet because "America's Test Kitchen" on TV recommended it. We are not disappointed.
yes you can. I think this is a great non stick frying pan.

The following is information I took directly from T-fal's web page. I am neither endorsing nor condemning, simply reporting what I found on the internet. "Q - Is PFOA present in T-Fal cookware? A - No. PFOA has never been detected in any of T-Fal's non-stick cookware. Through a process known as sintering, T-Fal is able to eliminate all traces of PFOA from its cookware products following the manufacturing process. In 2003, three independent analysis conducted by three different laboratories found no detectable levels of PFOA in T-Fal's non-stick cookware products. Q - What is T-Fal's non-stick coating made of and is it safe? A - T-Fal's line of non-stick cookware is 100 percent safe, reliable and efficient. T-Fal cookware is made with a safe plastic polymer called polytetraflu orethylene (PTFE). This is the slippery ingredient that creates the non-stick finish. Health authorities in Europe, the United States and other countries have approved the non-stick PTFE coating used on T-Fal cookware. Health authorities have found that PTFE is an inert substance that does not enter into chemical reactions with food, water or household cleaners. If ingested, PTFE is totally innocuous in the body. In fact, PTFE is so safe that it is often used by the medical profession for coating heart stimulators and small pipes used as replacement arteries. It has also been injected into patients with serious kidney conditions."
I think the biggest risk with these non-sticks are when they start to peel and chip.
The cancer causing problems tend to arise after the coatings begin peeling or after abuse. I would also add that you can expect any non-stick skillet to have a shorter lifespan than your cast iron or stainless pans. As long as you take care of it (wash it appropriately after each use, don't use metal tools on it, don't use abrasives to clean it, etc.) it should last you a good long time but just know you will eventually have to replace it, which also make the more durable T-Fal Professional series an exceptional value at this price-point.

As far as I know, yes you can use Pam.
yes, but it is barely needed. Great surface and so far no scratching at all.
Yes you can.A little cooking spray works well when frying eggs, sautéing vegetables.
I am not sure, but I've always been told that you should not use cooking sprays on the black non-stick pans. They say it clogs up the small pors used to make it non-stick.
I use it all the time--it really makes the pan non-stick---
The instructions for use recommend that cooking sprays not be used on this finish.
You should never use this on non stick pans.

I started noticing a decline in performance at about 2.5 years. I use mine about 3 times a week. At 3 years, I replaced it.
The one we have was used for eggs, burgers, etc! Cooked thousands of eggs! Lasted for over 2 years, just bought another one!
I had the non-pro model previously and it lasted for about 2 years or a little more and wasn't completely worn out...just not non-stick enough for me any more. I have only had this one for about 6 months but so far it is still like new and I am hoping for at least the same or better longevity from this one. For the price I don't think two to three year is too bad for replacement compared to other models out there...and the performance during that couple years is great.
We've been using the pan about 5 times a week for 13 months and it's losing its non-stick ability. It still works fine for most things, but now I need to coat the pan with something before I make sunny side up eggs. I'm going to keep this around as a spare and buy another.
I bought mine in March 2012. I have used it several times a week, mostly bacon/eggs, burgers, etc. Never used it in the oven. Cleaned it in the dishwasher about half the time. Washed by hand the other half. :0) It is beginning to look a tad worn (sort of fuzzy) and I will order another one soon. For the price - you can't expect them to last forever. But, it didn't warp even when I left it on the heat too long one time. I would recommend the skillet over those sold at Target or Wally World. I have even used a high quality metal spatula with it from time to time - but 'oh so carefully' - this probably is NOT a good idea. :0) The fact that I intend to buy another one speaks for itself. I have a 'universal' lid that I use when needed. Rarely cook anything in this skillet that requ ired a lid.
This is a GREAT heavy pan for its size. I wanted a bigger one but got this one by mistake and I LOVE IT! I treat it gently, of course, the coating seams to be pretty thick and durable on there and yes it works! Hope this helps

I did not purchase with lid, but I do have another lid from my all clad set that fits
No, lid. But a really great pan.
no lid... its used for frying bacon and then an easy wash up before scrambled eggs are cooked..
If the question is, "Is there a lid for this pan?", the answer is, no. However, if I need to cover what is cooking in this pan, I use a lid from one of my other pans. Not a perfect fit, but works okay. Love this pan. In fact, I own two of them. It's great pan for eggs, single grilled cheese sandwich, other small items.
Farberware Cookware Glass Replacement Lid (amazon)

FRom Health and Environment Website: PFOA free All cookware is PFOA (perfluoro-octanoïc acid) free. Multiple laboratories have tested T-fal non-stick cookware and found the product to be free of PFOA.
From T-fal's website: http://www.t-falusa.com/Tefal+magazine/Recipes/Non-Stick+Safety.htm In 2003, independent analysis conducted by three different laboratories confirmed that no PFOA is present in T-FAL's non-stick cookware products. Our products are safe and adhere to the rigid quality standardization and environmental testing of Groupe SEB, our parent company. For more information on PFOA, please visit: http://www.pfoa-facts.com http://www.cookware.org
if you don't know what PFOA is, I highly suggest you read about it because it is in your blood right now if you are reading this. Here's the thing...how do we know that the chemical used to replace PFOA isn't just as terrible?? I think its really strange that all these chemicals and toxins that we know nothing about (not proven to be safe, dangerous, whatever) is just used all the time and in our daily lives with no regulation. We are just a huge gigantic science experiment. Not surprised whatsoever that people are dropping like flies at younger ages of all sorts of different cancers.
if you don't know what PFOA is, I highly suggest you read about it because it is in your blood right now if you are reading this. Here's the thing...how do we know that the chemical used to replace PFOA isn't just as terrible?? I think its really strange that all these chemicals and toxins that we know nothing about (not proven to be safe, dangerous, whatever) is just used all the time and in our daily lives with no regulation. We are just a huge gigantic science experiment. Not surprised whatsoever that people are dropping like flies at younger ages of all sorts of different cancers. heres something to read: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/10/magazine/the-lawyer-who-became-duponts-worst-nightmare.html?_r=0
I have no idea. Suspect you'd need to go to the manufacturer. I honestly don't even know what PFOA is!

Sorry, we have not used this one on glass stove tops. It does seem level and so far has lived up to expectations.
The Professional model has a solid bottom, unlike the lesser expensive models. This one will ABSOLUTELY maintain it's shape! No worries
Yes, the pan is 12 1/2 inch pan. The bottom of the pan is 10 or 10 1/2 inches. It stays flat on my glass stove top and in the oven. Very sturdy.
It has a flat bottom and seems to stay flat when heated but I don't know if it is intended for glass stove top use.

I just checked mine and it's flat, so I don't believe it should be raised in the center.
no, mine is straight, return it to be exchanged
Yes, it is. I've watched them cook with it on America's Test Kitchen, and the skillets all have that central rise. It's still wonderfully non-stick, and I think the rise may allow you to use less oil.
don't know if it is supposed to be or not, but yes, mine is as well. It has not seemed to cause a problem in cooking though. I add very little oil and push it around the skillet before adding the food. I wonder what the manufacturer would say about that.
I am not certain if "supposed to" but I can confirm that in fact the base of the pan that I received is convex. This may be intentional to have fat run from ingredients, but this was not my understanding nor intention when I purchased this pan.
no, I already called, it's not supposed to do that. Be warned, mine has been getting more raised in the middle the more I use it.
The smaller fry pan that came with my induction cook top is flat. This T-fal is slightly raised at the center but not to the point it creates significant issues.
I don't believe so. I've had that happen to another line of T-fal's pans. T-fal suggests cooling the pan to prevent warping caused by extreme temperature shock. That pan was smoking hot when I tried to rapidly cool it in cold water resulting in that raised middle. Now, I remove the pan from the burner and let it cool slowly with a tight lid. I also find this warped raised pan is perfect for center frying proteins where surplus oils and fats flow to the edge. Just cool the pan slowly.
No, the pan should be flat
I don't know about ". . . supposed to be . . ." but mine is the same. I typically add a very small amount of cooking oil which goes to the edges of the bottom. But it remains the best non-stick frypan I have owned.

China, of course. It was in the fine print on the back of the paper cover.
From what I gathered while browsing was France is the home of production
Sorry - I didn't keep the box. I can't confirm the country the pan wwas made in.
What a mystery! Looked on MANY sites and the only clue was the statement that the item "can ship" to limited countries outside the United States. The skillets are not listed on either the French Tfal or the Chinese Tfal links. Can anyone find out?
Sorry, I don't know. It is a quality product, however.

Mine is flat. There is no visible hump in the pan. I poured several tablespoons of water in the center and it stayed there.
Mine is flat. The non-stick surface repels oils so one may begin to think that the surface is not flat because of the way oils run around the pan. I think it has more to do with the heat distribution though than the flatness of the pan. Also, I am careful with all my pans to heat them up slowly before I cook on them. I have not tried turning the flame on high to a cold pan to see if it warps but I also don't intend to do this.
The pan is phenomenal. It's quite flat. I purchased an Ogreenic pan. If I'm frying eggs, I have to butter the pan. It's not so with the Tfal pan> I would highly recommend purchasing this pan.
Mine is flat also and I use it on an electric cooktop with no problems.
I have the 12" version of this pan and on mine I have to say that the bottom is not completely flat-there is a slight hump in the center. Ingredients, including oil, tend to pool up in the edges of the pan while the middle stays bare. It's not an illusion caused by the non-stick qualities. Not good for applications like pancakes or crepes but ok for stir fry, browning meat, etc. That being said, the nonstick is pretty incredible and, overall it's a decent pan. Just depends on if you need a completely flat surface.
The bottom is absolutely NOT flat. It is concave about 1/8" at the center. So it will NOT sit flat on the glass-top stove, it will NOT have the best heat transfer on a flat-top stove. Just set the pan on the edge of your counter and you can see it. When a bit of water is placed inside the pan it slowly pools around the edges, which means the inside isn't exactly flat inside either (though seemingly nowhere near as concave as the bottom).

It feels normal. Doesn't feel heavy or lite. My estimation is around 1lb.
19.1 oz (541 grams).
I have the 12-inch, and it isn't as heavy as an All-Clad, so that leaves it as a medium-weight, relative to other pans. Of significance though, is the handle, which by its design, makes this a well-balanced pan, so in any size, the pan wouldn't "feel" heavy.
I have no scale to weigh it, but it is a really light pan. Does not matter, it works well. Hope this helps.
Hi Mario - The weight is no more than 5 pounds.

The ASIN is B000GWG0T2

Lowest Price as of today is on Amazon.com click here.